Zeyna Group’s Participation in the 2015 Istanbul World Food Fair

Zeyna Food Industries, based in Istanbul, is a symbol of excellence in manufacturing high-quality food products. Since its establishment, the company has been committed to offering distinctive products that meet customers’ needs and satisfy their tastes. Istanbul, Turkey’s capital, is known for its lively markets and cultural diversity. Therefore, Zeyna has ensured the distribution of its products throughout the city to make them accessible to everyone.

In 2015, Zeyna participated in the World Food Expo, the most significant event in the food industry. Its presence was notable, drawing attention with the quality and diversity of its products. Here are some highlights that distinguish Zeyna’s participation in the World Food Expo:

Showcasing a wide range of high-quality food products:
Zeyna’s exhibited products at the expo included desserts, biscuits, and bakery items.

Distinctive booth design that attracted visitors:
Zeyna’s booth stood out with its modern and eye-catching design, making it a focal point for visitors from around the world.

Product tasting sessions:
Visitors had the opportunity to taste many of Zeyna’s products, allowing them to experience their quality and delicious taste.

Participation in expo activities:
Zeyna participated in various expo activities such as seminars and workshops, enabling the company to engage with food industry experts from around the globe.

Zeyna’s participation in the World Food Expo was a great success, where:

  • The company attracted numerous new customers from around the world.
  • It strengthened its presence in the global market.
  • The company reaffirmed its leadership in manufacturing high-quality food products.

Zeyna Food Industries serves as an excellent example of Turkish companies striving for excellence and global reach. Through its quality and commitment to delivering the best products, Zeyna has become a distinctive brand in the food industry.

Zeyna continues its successful journey and plans to expand into new markets to offer its delicious and high-quality products to more customers worldwide.