Tomoorcom® is The Golden Face of Turkey in Dates Production 2021

In a distinguished ceremony held in Istanbul, Tomoorcom®, a subsidiary of Zina Group, was honored with the “Golden Faces of Turkey” award for the best date product of 2021. This award crowns the company’s tireless efforts and its long history of achievements in the field of producing the finest date paste and its various products.

Tomoorcom® has set its sights on a lofty goal: to provide consumers with the best that the world of dates has to offer. The company has succeeded in achieving this goal through its strict adherence to the highest quality standards, its use of the finest fresh dates, and its innovation of various products that meet all tastes and needs.

Tomoorcom®’s products include: date paste, date maamoul, date fingers, and many more. All of these products are characterized by their high quality and delicious taste that satisfies all tastes.

Tomoorcom® is keen to be present throughout Turkey through a wide network of branches and distributors. The company also participates in various local and international exhibitions and events, believing in the importance of promoting high-quality Turkish products and introducing the world to the authentic Arab date culture.

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Tomoorcom®’s achievements have not been limited to the Turkish market only, but have extended to include global markets in Europe, the Middle East, and North Africa. The company seeks to expand its presence in more global markets, believing in its ability to compete internationally and achieve leadership in the field of date paste production.

Tomoorcom®’s winning of the “Golden Faces of Turkey” award confirms its prestigious position in the Turkish market and proves its ability to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of consumers. This win is also a strong incentive for the company to continue its successful journey, strengthen its presence in the global market, and achieve more accomplishments that honor Turkey and its people.

Tomoorcom®’s winning of the “Golden Faces of Turkey” award is a national achievement that contributes to raising Turkey’s name high in the field of date production.