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Established in 2012 in the vibrant city of Istanbul, Zeyna Group's roots extend across an expansive 7,000 square meters, embodying a legacy of commitment and excellence. The group operates in various production and commercial sectors, including the food industry, bakery, dates production, luxurious sweets, clothing and fashion, and trade and export.
  • Excellence
  • We relentlessly pursue excellence, ensuring top-tier quality in all we do for unparalleled customer satisfaction.
  • Innovation
  • Innovation is integral to our identity, driving a culture of creativity that keeps us ahead in delivering cutting-edge experiences.
  • Integrity
  • Integrity is our foundation, guiding honest, transparent, and ethical practices to build trust in all interactions.
  • Adaptability
  • Adaptability is our resilience in a dynamic environment, embracing change for proactive growth and success.


A business visit to Tomoorcom® Company

The company is known for its variety of delicious products, which include:…

A working visit to Zeyna Food Industries Company

Zeyna’s products are distributed throughout Istanbul, making them readily available to everyone.…

Zeyna Group’s participation in the World Food Fair in Istanbul 2015

Zeyna Food Industries: A Journey from Istanbul to the Global Stage Zeyna…

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